What is Supplemental Security Income?

Sometimes everyone needs a little extra help. Whatever the circumstances, many of us reach a point in our lives when we could use some form of financial assistance. Often times, this happens when an injury results in a disability or when symptoms of aging or other health conditions become debilitating. In these cases, many who find themselves in this position might qualify for Supplemental Security income. Yet few understand what this is, how they can benefit from it, and how they can find out if they qualify for it. It is Important to understand all of the potential benefits that one can receive in their time of need. Part of the system of disability benefits available through social security, Supplemental Security Income can be divided into two categories: Adult SSI Benefits and Child SSI Benefits. Adult SSI Benefits are available to disabled adults over the age of sixty five who have a need of financial assistance. It is intended to provide relief for them and their family of the financial burdens incurred from their disability. Child SSI is available for children under the age pf 18 who are disabled and present a financial need. Living with a disability is a difficult trial that many face, yet they do not have to face this challenge without assistance. There are many Social Security Disability programs such as Supplemental Security Income available to ease this financial burden. It important to be aware of all of the options available that can help and individual meet their specific needs.

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