Employment Law

Many people enjoy their jobs every day, without hardship or conflict. They find fulfillment in their careers, and their employers provide them a stable and non-discriminatory environment. However, for many this is unfortunately not the case. Many face problems in their professional pursuits- problems including labor law violations or sexual orientation discrimination. These issues pervade many workplaces and it is important to be informed of the rights we maintain as employees.

One of the more common issues faced in employment law is labor law violations. Labor laws were established to “ensure that employees are properly compensated for their work and receive time off, among other labor considerations.” Many employees know their basic rights that are owed to them by their employers yet too many are unaware of the multitude of protections they have that are lesser known to the general public. For example, there is a requirement that all employees be notified of their payment tumpline and pay rate by February 1st of every year. So many people are unaware of the protections available to them.

Another major issue recently faced by many employees is the issue of Sexual Orientation discrimination. According to the website of the New York sexual orientation discrimination lawyers at Cary Kane LLP, “recent decisions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have found that discrimination against an employee because they are gay or lesbian is prohibited by Title VII when it constitutes discrimination on the basis of sexual stereotyping.” It is vitally important the employees not feel uncomfortable of discriminated against in their workplaces.

While not everyone faces conflict or strife in their work place, everyone should be aware of the many rights and protections available to them in their state. Everyone should be comfortable, safe, and protected in their workplace so that they can pursue their careers and passions to their full potential.

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