Types of Adoption

At a certain point, many couples want to expand their families. However, this can be easier for some than others. While having a child is always a great undertaking, for some it is complicated legal process that can be difficult to navigate. For any number of circumstances, families may be considering adoption. It is important when going into this life altering decision to be fully aware of the different types of adoptions and the resources one might need to undergo such a process.

According to the website of Marshall & Taylor, P.C., there are four different types of adoption: infant adoption, foreign adoption, step child adoption, and adult adoption. Infant adoption refers to what we traditionally imagine adoption to be- the legal adoption of a newborn child. Foreign adoption can be the adoption of an infant, yet it is distinctive in that the adoption occurs across international borders. Step child adoption refers to the legal adoption of children by a step parent- someone who has married a biological parent of the children but is not, themselves, the biological parent of said children. This is a legally official way to combine already blended families. Adult adoption refers to the adoption of a legal adult- one who is legally independent from their families yet can still be officially adopted by one who is not their biological parent. All of these types of adoption involve the expansion of a family.

Adding a child to your family, or combing your family, can be a wonderful thing which brings joy into many children’s lives every day. However, this joyful experience can often prove to be complicated and lengthy. In these cases, it is recommended that those seeking to adopt consult an experienced legal professional who can guide them through what could otherwise be a very stressful and complex process.

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