Estate Litigation

The time following the death of a family member or loved on is always a tumultuous time for all those affected. In addition to the emotional trauma felt by those who knew the deceased, some may find themselves dealing with the distribution of the deceased assets. When a person dies, the sum total of all tangible or intangible property that that person leaves behind is called their “estate.” An “executor” or a “personal representative” of the deceased is indicated in the will. This person oversees the distribution of the deceased’s estate. Estate litigation can become contentious if a claim is filed for the deceased’s estate that the deceased’s personal representative does not agree with. In this case, those involved hire experienced legal professional to help the process go a smoothly as possible and defend their own cases.

There are differences in will interpretation, disagreements regarding a will’s legality, disagreements about executor status, and disagreements about asset division are common disputes that occur in probate litigation. According to the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, these issues can be experienced by anyone and can prove to be extremely problematic for families and loved ones in a time already so filled with emotional stress. Which can only be made worse if your loved one’s death was untimely or wrongful.

While many times the division of material assets is not the first thing on anyone’s mind when a person passes away, it is an issue that needs to be handled as quickly as possible and cannot be ignored by those involved. Because of the many emotions involved in such a process and the complications associated with this process, disputes are very likely. In these cases, it is recommended that those involved pursue legal representation to help the process be a smooth and painless as is possible in such a trying time.

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Employment Law

Many people enjoy their jobs every day, without hardship or conflict. They find fulfillment in their careers, and their employers provide them a stable and non-discriminatory environment. However, for many this is unfortunately not the case. Many face problems in their professional pursuits- problems including labor law violations or sexual orientation discrimination. These issues pervade many workplaces and it is important to be informed of the rights we maintain as employees.

One of the more common issues faced in employment law is labor law violations. Labor laws were established to “ensure that employees are properly compensated for their work and receive time off, among other labor considerations.” Many employees know their basic rights that are owed to them by their employers yet too many are unaware of the multitude of protections they have that are lesser known to the general public. For example, there is a requirement that all employees be notified of their payment tumpline and pay rate by February 1st of every year. So many people are unaware of the protections available to them.

Another major issue recently faced by many employees is the issue of Sexual Orientation discrimination. According to the website of the New York sexual orientation discrimination lawyers at Cary Kane LLP, “recent decisions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have found that discrimination against an employee because they are gay or lesbian is prohibited by Title VII when it constitutes discrimination on the basis of sexual stereotyping.” It is vitally important the employees not feel uncomfortable of discriminated against in their workplaces.

While not everyone faces conflict or strife in their work place, everyone should be aware of the many rights and protections available to them in their state. Everyone should be comfortable, safe, and protected in their workplace so that they can pursue their careers and passions to their full potential.

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Types of Adoption

At a certain point, many couples want to expand their families. However, this can be easier for some than others. While having a child is always a great undertaking, for some it is complicated legal process that can be difficult to navigate. For any number of circumstances, families may be considering adoption. It is important when going into this life altering decision to be fully aware of the different types of adoptions and the resources one might need to undergo such a process.

According to the website of Marshall & Taylor, P.C., there are four different types of adoption: infant adoption, foreign adoption, step child adoption, and adult adoption. Infant adoption refers to what we traditionally imagine adoption to be- the legal adoption of a newborn child. Foreign adoption can be the adoption of an infant, yet it is distinctive in that the adoption occurs across international borders. Step child adoption refers to the legal adoption of children by a step parent- someone who has married a biological parent of the children but is not, themselves, the biological parent of said children. This is a legally official way to combine already blended families. Adult adoption refers to the adoption of a legal adult- one who is legally independent from their families yet can still be officially adopted by one who is not their biological parent. All of these types of adoption involve the expansion of a family.

Adding a child to your family, or combing your family, can be a wonderful thing which brings joy into many children’s lives every day. However, this joyful experience can often prove to be complicated and lengthy. In these cases, it is recommended that those seeking to adopt consult an experienced legal professional who can guide them through what could otherwise be a very stressful and complex process.

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What is Medical Malpractice?

There are few people we trust more than our doctors. We trust physicians and medical professionals with our health, our lives, and in many cases our families. It is especially tragic then, when this trust is violated. Though most medical professionals do exceptional, lifesaving work every day that cannot go unappreciated, occasionally the carelessness or neglect of medical professional results in the injury of a patient. These cases, known as medical malpractice, are all too common and lead to the suffering of many patients every day.

According to the website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., medical malpractice is defined as “the negligence or carelessness of medical professionals resulting in the injury or death of thousands of patients in the United States each year.” This is a broad term that can describe any number of circumstances, yet it is easier to understand by examining specific examples. One of the more recent examples is the condition of Erb’s Palsy. Erb’s Palsy is a paralysis of the arm resulting from an injury to the upper nerves. This can be due to any number of traumas, however newborns are particularly susceptible to it. This injury is often the result of damage that can be done during birth due to the mistake of a medical professional.

Another example of this could be the the DaVinci Robots Surgery Lawsuits. In this case, a surgical robot used in millions of operations is being investigated. Patients have suffered serious injuries due to the use of this robot, and many victims are now discovering the link. In this case, many are arguing that their medical professionals were not properly trained in the use of this medical device, causing their injuries- some of them deadly.

Medical Malpractice is something no one should have to experience. Victims of such instances as those described above may be entitled to certain damages.

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What is Supplemental Security Income?

Sometimes everyone needs a little extra help. Whatever the circumstances, many of us reach a point in our lives when we could use some form of financial assistance. Often times, this happens when an injury results in a disability or when symptoms of aging or other health conditions become debilitating. In these cases, many who find themselves in this position might qualify for Supplemental Security income. Yet few understand what this is, how they can benefit from it, and how they can find out if they qualify for it. It is Important to understand all of the potential benefits that one can receive in their time of need. Part of the system of disability benefits available through social security, Supplemental Security Income can be divided into two categories: Adult SSI Benefits and Child SSI Benefits. Adult SSI Benefits are available to disabled adults over the age of sixty five who have a need of financial assistance. It is intended to provide relief for them and their family of the financial burdens incurred from their disability. Child SSI is available for children under the age pf 18 who are disabled and present a financial need. Living with a disability is a difficult trial that many face, yet they do not have to face this challenge without assistance. There are many Social Security Disability programs such as Supplemental Security Income available to ease this financial burden. It important to be aware of all of the options available that can help and individual meet their specific needs.

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